Aura and Energy Boundaries

Posted on June 30th, 2009

Practical, healthy boundaries for how we spend our time, what types of relationships we have, and so on help us to maintain balance. Energy boundaries help us to keep our energy in our own space while keeping others’ energy out. Without clear energy boundaries we may take on others’ judgments, emotions and problems which leave us feeling heavy and confused. We may also spread our energy in too many places, leaving us feeling scattered and depleted. When we are aware of our energy boundaries we feel whole, clear and light.

aura2Our energy doesn’t end where our body ends. It extends around our body as an electromagnetic field called the aura. Many call this their personal space and feel uncomfortable when someone invades it. Perhaps you’ve experienced this directly when someone moved in too close for comfort. Or you may have sensed this indirectly when someone stared at you from across the room, yet it felt as though they were in your space.

Energy can move through space without the body going with it. Thoughts, intentions, emotions and images are all energy particles, and if you don’t own your aura space, you can easily take on others’ energy. Owning your aura and energy space is all about awareness. It’s not visible to most people, but with practice and sensitivity you can feel the subtlety of your aura and begin to create healthier boundaries.

First, let’s look at the difference between having clear energy boundaries and having unclear boundaries:

Clear Energy Boundaries      VS       Unclear Energy Boundaries  
Feel solid and whole                       Feel fuzzy and spacey
Clear headed and focused               Confused and distracted
In touch with own emotions            Easy to take on others’ emotions
Aware of others without                 
taking on their stuff                       Easy to take on others problems
In charge of self                           Controlling or controlled by others

Here are steps you can take to become more aware of your aura and create clear energy boundaries:

Find your center. Close your eyes and bring all of your awareness in to the center of your head, a few inches back from your forehead. Being centered supports you in being aware of yourself as a spiritual energetic being (for more info, read the article on Centered Within).

Tune into the subtle energy field surrounding your body. It’s like being in an energy bubble. Notice where your energy field ends and the rest of the world begins. If you are very sensitive to energy, you might notice if you have holes or gaps in your energy field. Use your intention to fill those in with your own energy.

Play with the size of your aura. Bring your aura in closer to your body to help you get a better feel for it. Have the outside edge of your aura an inch or two away from you. Notice what this feels like. Does it feel constrained or comfortable? When do you have it in this close to your body (perhaps when you don’t feel safe or are trying to be invisible)?

Expand your aura to an arms length away. Having your aura at an arms length distance from your body all the way around - in front, behind, beside, above and below is a healthy distance for owning your aura. Notice what this feels like.

Expand your aura to fill the room. This will help you to become aware of what it feels like when have your aura too big for you to own. Do you feel big and visible or unsafe and unreal? When do you have your aura this big? Bring it back to a distance that feels healthy for you.

Smooth the outside edge of your aura.With your aura at a healthy distance around your body (usually an arms length distance away from the body is appropriate), imagine smoothing the outside edge to fill in any gaps. This will also help you to define where your personal space ends.

♦ Clear out anyone else’s energy. Imagine running a gold shower of energy from above your head, through your body and aura space as a way to cleanse your aura field. Let any foreign energy release down your grounding (for more info on grounding read the Staying Grounded article).

Open your eyes and go through your day with the intention of owning your aura. When you own your aura and personal space, you will be less likely to take on others’ problems, emotions and judgments. You will also be less likely to scatter your energy around.

Whenever you feel fuzzy, spacey, confused or feel as though you are carrying someone  else’s ’stuff’, re-own your aura by defining where the edges are, give yourself a quick gold shower energy cleanse, and you will feel whole again.

How does it feel to be more aware of your aura space? Please share your experience, ask any questions, or offer any insights in the comments section below.

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36 Responses to “Aura and Energy Boundaries”

  1. Mary Says:

    Thank you Gini. Bless you for giving this larger and more helpful perspective. I only hope that this seed will take root so that when I am in that smaller perspective, I can recall and expand.

  2. ginigrey Says:

    You’re so welcome Mary - I’m glad this perspective is helpful. I find that when I move into a smaller perspective, it is sometimes just taking a step back to give me more room and momentum to leap forward again.


  3. Keli Says:

    It felt lovely to do this thank you for the instructions. I attract a lot of unwanted attention in public and it makes me anxious. I will try this out tomorrow to see it helping me feel better and not worry about strangers.

  4. ginigrey Says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I understand how unwanted attention can make you anxious. I find these energy awareness tools to be so helpful. When I’m centered within myself and my body is grounded and I’m owning my boundaries I feel so much better in public, crowds or around anyone who might normally trigger me. As you play with these energy tools, I’m sure you will find yourself feeling more comfortable and empowered around strangers.


  5. Karen Says:

    What a lovely exercise. I am printing it to use daily until I get the hang of it. Thank you so much. Just reading this helped me feel better.

  6. ginigrey Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Karen. That’s wonderful that this exercise is helpful for you - practicing it daily will make it a natural habit. Healthy energy boundaries are so important these days!

    Take care,


  7. a thomas Says:

    you just bless our whole life.. and you just save my and just like that… im ready. thank you

  8. Dimitrios Says:

    Thanks Gini!

    Very useful.. i will post your insightful article on my fb FreeCounselling/Spiritual Support page as i am supporting many people with aura issues (picking up negative energies)..


  9. Gini Grey Says:

    Thanks for sharing this on fb Dimitrios. I’ve found these tools so helpful for me that I’d love for as many people as possible to have them too.

    Take care,


  10. jana t Says:

    hay there
    thank you for the great tools and insights…i feel like i can regain a few little peices of my self that were lost along the way. ! bless you

  11. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Jana,

    So glad to hear - thank you for your comment!

    Take care,


  12. Mel Says:

    Thanks thats exactly the refresher I needed to help me with handle a few interfering people in my life right now. ;)


  13. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Mel,

    I’m so glad this aura awareness tool has helped with handling the interfering people in your life. As we own our aura it makes it so much easier to be around people or set clear boundaries.

    Take care,


  14. Mel Says:

    Yea well I have been feeling strange around a couple I recently met, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and now I realise their energies where interfering with mine too much, I was finding it quite stressful to see them each day as I have to, but yesterday I kept my aura close and I really felt empowered and in control as I usualy am so thanks so much, I love your site and the work your doing ;)

  15. Dot Todman Says:

    Thank you for this article! I’m always telling my vocal students to “own their energy” and now I have a place to send them that expands upon what I teach. It’s important for all singers, actors and speakers to own their energy or “aura”, including myself as a teacher! Excellent article.

  16. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Dot,

    Yes, all performers need to own their aura so they can expand and have it big and flowing when on stage without taking on anything from the audience. Thanks for sharing this with your students.

    Take care,


  17. Jane Says:

    How timely this is just what I need, this will help me to feel stronger when challenging my agoraphobia, being very sensitive to energies has always been an issue, and has literally made me want to stay away from people physically as I have percieved them as harmful.

    If I cna just protect myself, I can allow myself to feel more trusting and safer around people:)

    thanks for your wonderful site and all your great articles.

    They do make a difference.

  18. Gini Grey Says:

    Thanks for you comment, Jane. I hope owning your aura helps you to feel safe around others. I think if you combine being centered (helps you to be aware of yourself as a bigger spiritual being not just a body - see article on Centered Within) and grounded (helps to keep your energy flowing and release other people’s energy - see article on Staying Grounded) along with owning your aura - you’ll feel much more comfortable around others.

    Take care,


  19. Rebecca Says:

    I recently had a psychic reading & she told me that my aura is crossed with someone else’s & that this is extremely rare. She didn’t know who it was unless I was to do an aura clearing process with her. She said that it has been since birth or when I was young, and that my life path has been somewhat derailed by being mixed up with this person’s aura. I will not find my clear path until I have an aura clearing & healing. I’d never heard of this & can’t find anything about it online - is this even possible????

  20. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Rebecca,

    That’s interesting - I haven’t heard of or seen that before, but the psychic you spoke to did say it was rare. I know that some people can become so enmeshed with another that their energy is mixed together so they take on each others information, problems etc (happens to highly empathic people too). But she said this was since birth or a young age - do you have a sense of it being true or who it might be?

    If you’re not sure whether to do an aura cleansing with her, I would spend some time in inner stillness, becoming more aware of you aura and get a sense of what is you and what’s not you in there - see if you get a picture or a sense of someone else’s energy there. If so, you can consciously move them out with your intention, or get a hand from this psychic to do that - but trust your intuition on what feels right to you.

    Another thing to do, if you’re comfortable working with archangels, is to ask archangel Micheal to help you make seperations with whomever is in your aura space and notice if you feel a difference.

    Ultimately, your aura is your personal space so you do have the power to move out foreign energy and just have your own energy flowing, but if you’re not familiar with this type of enery work, it might be helpful to get a hand from someone you trust.

    I wish you all the best with it,


  21. Rupali Says:

    Thank you for this, I’m sure it will help me more & more with practice. Based on the characteristics you described I am about half unclear and half clear when it comes to energy boundaries.

    I was wondering if you knew if my energy sensitivity could have anything to do with my chronic daily migraines, and if you had any suggestions regarding addressing aura and energy in relation to reducing or curing chronic pain. I have had the same migraine & headache (an average of 6.5/10 pain) for three years.

    I think my aura is a milimeter above my skin when I am alone; I find it really hard to extend it to an arms length…when I am around other people or in public it expands a foot or two as a protective barrier (I feel secure if I am either projecting a certain attitude of strength & nonchalance, or if I am invisible), I draw a lot of attention, most of it unwanted. My muscles are very tense because I am always tired & in pain and holding myself up, but also because I take in so much of other peoples energy - I feel their feelings and intentions. I love people and they energize me; I don’t want be alone all the time, but I also struggle to maintain myself sharing a home with other people & their energy. I feel my energy awareness is what leads me to knowledge, truth & the right people, and away from the wrong people for me…so maybe it is just a matter of maintaining my awareness but continuing to strengthen and own my own aura and boundaries?

    I apologize for the very long post. I will check out ‘centered within’ & ’staying grounded’.

    All best, R

  22. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Rupali,

    Migraines are challening to live with - I haven’t experienced them myself but have friends who do. Having your aura so close to your body (a milimeter away) could contribute to this, as well as having foreign energy in your space or particularly in your head (6th and 7th chakra).

    Awareness is key, but so is being in a state of non-resistance (read that article as well as centered within and staying grounded). If we resist pain, that can make it worse, and if we resist other people’s energy, it can stick in our space.

    The more we fill and flow with our own energy, the safer we are and the less tense we feel. The more light, amusement, joy etc we touch into and experience, the more we will attract that from other people. My suggestion is to focus on what makes you feel good and allow your vibration to raise and feel that flow through your body and aura. This may help you to expand your aura with your own energy.

    What might also help is to listen to my Energy Balancing Tools audio program to help you practice being centered, grounded, owning your aura etc. But also the Energy Healing Meditation audio program will help you to get your energy flowing so you can move out foreign energy and have your own which will feel good. I know this sounds like self-promotion, but I think these may help and if they don’t, I’m happy to refund your purchase. If you’re interested, visit Spiritual Energy Awareness.

    Take care,


  23. Rupali Says:

    Thank you for your response Gini. I have begun reading the articles and I would like to use the audio programs. I feel really good about having found your work and have started sharing your articles with a couple of close friends. I am going to see a psychic next week for the first time, and I think it will be my only visit with her. Do you have any advice for me in terms of what I bring to that session or the kind of help I seek from her there?
    Peace & blessings,

  24. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Rupali,

    I’m so glad you are enjoying my articles and sharing the with others.

    Seeing a psychic can be very helpful if they are the type of psychic that connect with you on a soul to soul level, honors your boundaries and trusts that you have all of your own information (they are there to tell you what you already know on a soul level but need to bring into your conscious awareness).

    My suggestion would be to set your intention just before going that you will receive the appropriate type of information that is for your highest good. Then when you are with her, set your intention to have your 7th chakra only open about 15% (if it is too open you may take on too much info that isn’t yours). Trust your own information first - so that you take what fits from her and leave the rest. It’s an open receptive place (so not resistant as we can be programmed through resistance) but not taking everything as truth without running through your own sense of what feels true - hope that makes sense.

    Also, it helps to stay out of your analyzer as your mind may limit what you hear, but instead allow yourself as spirit to hear what you need to hear and make the shifts you need to make (people can shift patterns during energy readings which can be quite healing).

    Trust what questions come to you during the session (although you may want to ask about your aura and migraines specifically).

    I’d love to hear how it goes, so keep me posted if you like.

    Take care,


  25. Tiina Says:

    Thank you very much for this article.

    I’m in the process of learning to respect my boundaries after covert sexual abuse. I’m wondering if it’s “normal” to need more space than have the other person only an arms length away… because I feel invaded when the other’s energy field crosses my own energy field… but living the every day life seems to become impossible if I start to keep that much distance to others….

    I’m feeling anxious about this and would greatly appreciate insights.


  26. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Tina,

    In my opinion it is normal to need more space after what you have experienced. Your trust issues have been violated and there may be other issues coming to the surface to be processed (consciously or unconsciously). It makes perfect sense to take time away from others as you release pain and hurts and fill in with your own energy and create healthy energy boundaries.

    I also understand how challenging life can get trying to keep such distance from others. My suggestion is to surrender this to your higher self and the God of your heart for guidance and a way to gently keep others gently at a distance while you move through this transformation time.

    When I am in a space where I need time to just be with me I am amazed at how others don’t contact me so I’m sure this is being orchestrated at a higher level.

    Overtime, as you come to feel comfortable in your own space, feel your own loving energy, and feel safe with your flowing yet secure energy boundaries you will feel like connecting with others again. In the meantime, follow your heart, body and intuition on what feels best regarding spending time with others and continue to nurture yourself.

    Take care,


  27. Becci Says:


    Thank you for your insight…
    I have struggled with aura boundaries all my life - 56 years.
    I’ve known there was someone with an answer.
    Just needed to find you!

    Many Thanks

  28. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Becci,

    I’m so glad this article on the aura is helpful for you. I think many of us have struggled with these energetic boundaries as no one taught us about them - thankfully we are in a time where we are becoming more aware of what is unseen to the naked eye!

    All the best,


  29. Madison Says:

    Sometimes I become very stressed out about situations, and I overthink things and worry about people looking at me and things such as that.
    I’m going to try to focus on positive energy and allowing my heart chakra and aura become more positive and approachable. (:

  30. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Madison,

    That sounds like a great focus for you. Feeling into your energy and heart chakra will help you get out of your head so you don’t over think things. It will also support you to touch into your intuition which is more of a feeling and/or knowing about situations (as the mind usually stresses if left to it’s own devices - we need the heart and soul to see the truth in situations).

    Take care,


  31. Allison Says:

    Thank u gini it’s been my real delight to have found what my hearts been wanting to understand and make sense of (in my own clairseniental state of being )
    In such simple resinating terms for me ! U have made simple and easy and practical approaches for me to make my own as a daily self practice and a self loving act of self well being to now know ! Wow how what u say has resonated with me and I am so appreciative and gratiful for all your loving support which u give with all this
    it’s quite a divine gift of lovingness u share

  32. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Allison,

    I appreciate your words of gratitude - adds to the joy of writing my insights.

    Take care,


    P.S. I think we just connected on my Spiritual Transformers site as well - wonderful to have cross connections!

  33. Diane H Says:

    Hi Gini. I was looking up info for someone who had a dream of a golden shower (gold flecks she could touch) coming down around her, and how I could explain that to her. During my twice weekly Tantric Wave guided meditations, one of the things I do in practice is imagine a golden shower of Light and Love energy coming up from the heart through the crown chakra and bathing my body and aura. Now, after reading this page, I feet the message is more for me than her! For years, when my back was turned to my partner from across the room, I have felt a pain and tightening in my back to the point of tears; frightening. I leave the room and it takes about 5 minutes to recover. (I’m getting a backache just thinking about it.) And as you say, “you may have sensed this indirectly when someone stared at you from across the room”. Now I think, am certain, that he, consciously or unconsciously, has been sending malevolent intentions or energy to me. From now on, especially in his presence and until I can leave this untenable situation, I’ll “own my aura” and do a “a quick gold shower energy cleanse”. I’ll practice being centered, grounded, defining where the edges are, where there are holes or gaps in my energy field and then use my intention to fill those in with my own energy; along with Energy Healing. I, my Higher Self, and come to think of it… my Twin Soul also, are grateful for your information. I think my Twin Soul was trying to send me energy (which I ask for) but there was this barrier and I didn’t understand until now. Thanks again and Namaste

  34. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Diane,

    I love the golden shower of light and love energy coming from the heart chakra and up through the crown and bathing your body and aura - I will try that for myself.

    Interesting about your partner and your back, but it sounds like you have all the tools now to keep your space clean and clear so that will feel better.

    Take care,


  35. Hopeless Says:

    This is all rather hard when I am being harassed like I am Britney Spears by the press. Pushing others away is exhausting. I have no energy to do anything. I have been so suppressed in my body in the past that I have been raped by others sprits. This is not a metaphor. I can not keep this up. I am suicidal and believe even death would bring me no pace. Does it ever get easier? Is there anything else I can do?

  36. Gini Grey Says:

    Hello Hopeless,

    I understand how you are feeling - it sounds like you are going through some intense ascension symptoms which leave the body feeling vulnerable and exhausted. Also, as many of us ascend, we attract lower vibrating spirits that want to get in our way so all and all, it is very challenging from a mind/body perspective. I’m going to send you over to my other site, Spiritual Transformers, which has some articles on topics you may find helpful. Here are a few links:

    ~ - this will take you to the main site. Look under Poplular Posts at the top right side for articles that relate as well as the other category headings. But also read these:



    The more we can keep in touch with who we are as spirit and bring that light vibration into our physical body space, and be in a state of non-resistance etc, the less lower vibrating energies can get in our space (they can’t match anything, unless we get stuck in our own old wounds and lower vibrations of fear and negativity which they can attach to).

    When you have suicidal thoughts, notice if this comes from your mind/ego, or from other energies in your space, then touch into your higher spiritual truth. If you feel a desire to be here on the planet at this time, stay connected to that feeling.

    Hope this helps - take care,


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